Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam – 11

101)  On the Google Display Network, your ad is eligible to show on a webpage if your:
  A)  keywords match that webpage’s content
  B)  ad text matches that webpage’s content
  C)  landing page matches that webpage’s content
  D)  website matches that webpage’s content

102)  When reviewing your client’s Search Network campaign, you notice that the ads in one of the ad groups have a low average position. Which flexible bid strategy should you use to help improve the position of these ads?
  A)  Maximize clicks
  B)  Enhance cost-per-click (CPC)
  C)  Target return on ad spend (ROAS)
  D)  Target search page location

103)  Keyword Planner can help you buildl a new Search Network campaign by:
  A)  organizing potential placements into ad groups
  B)  suggesting landing pages for your ads
  C)  multiplying keyword lists together
  D)  creating new ads based on your keywords

104)  Nadia manages a local gym and is running an ad to drive more free trial memberships. What could she include in her ad text?
  A)  A prominent headline like “TRIAL MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE”
  B)  A call-to-action like “Visit our gym now”
  C)  Add a promotion like “20% off fitness classes”
  D)  Add a call-to-action like “Sign up for a free trial”

105)  If you want to direct people to specific pages on your website from an ad, you can create an ad that uses:
  A)  sitelink extensions
  B)  previous visit extensions
  C)  callout extensions
  D)  location extensions

106)  A standard AdWords text ad is made up of:
  A)  a display URL and description text
  B)  a headline, image, and description text
  C)  a headline and description text
  D)  a headline, a display URL, and description text

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107)  Research for a client who owns used car dealerships shows that people who visit his website also visit certain popular car blogs. Which targeting method would you use to reach these people?
  A)  Remarketing
  B)  Keywords
  C)  Topics
  D)  Placements

108)  An advertiser looking to drive conversions is using manual cost-per-click (CPC) bidding. Which factor should be most important for this advertiser when deciding keyword bids?
  A)  The profit dervied from a paid click
  B)  The bids of the next closest advertiser
  C)  The average profit per conversion
  D)  The Quality Score of the keyword

109)  Every time your ad is eligible to show, AdWords calculates its Ad Rank using your bid amount, components of Quality Score, and:
  A)  the daily budget you’ve set
  B)  your historical conversion rate
  C)  the expected impact of extensions and other ad formats
  D)  the search ranking of your website

110)  Which is the best bidding option for an advertiser who wants to drive more clicks from mobile devices?
  A)  Mobile bid adjustments
  B)  Target return on ad spend (ROAS)
  C)  Target search page location flexible bidding strategy
  D)  Cost-per-acquisition (CPA)

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