Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam – 12

111)  How can you see if people are searching for your client’s services during the early morning and evening hours?
  A)  Monitor reach and frequency data
  B)  Run a keyword diagnosis
  C)  Segment performance statistics by time
  D)  Run a search terms report

112)  You signed 3 new clients, each with an existing AdWords account. What’s the best way to manage these accounts?
  A)  Pause your clients’ campaigns and recreate them in your manager acccount
  B)  Use your clients’ sign-in information to access and manage the accounts
  C)  Link the client accounts to your My Client Center (MCC) manager account
  D)  Consolidate the 3 accounts into a new AdWords account you create

113)  Tom wants to promote his windshield repair company’s emergency service by reaching people right when they’re searching for help. Which campaign type is a good fit?
  A)  “Search Network with Display Select”
  B)  “Shopping”
  C)  “Search Network only”
  D)  “Display Network only”

114)  When creating text ads to advertise a client’s small chain of Italian restaurants, what should you include in the ad text to make it compelling to potential customers?
  A)  Include call-to-actions, such as “Find the nearest location”
  B)  Information about Italian food in the description
  C)  Use the same headline and description as other advertisers
  D)  An exclamation point in the display URL

115)  You would advise a client that’s launching a new product line to advertise on the Google Display Network because she can:
  A)  reach people who are interested in similar products
  B)  use text ads that encourage people to call her business
  C)  use text ads that encourage people to visit her website
  D)  reach people who are searching for her products

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116)  An advertiser has decided that they want to spend $608 per month for their campaign. How would you recommend they set their budget in their AdWords account?
  A)  Set a daily budget of $20 for the advertiser’s campaign
  B)  Set a bid of $20 per ad group
  C)  Set a daily budget of $20 for the advertiser’s account
  D)  Set a bid of $20 for the advertiser’s campaign

117)  Which client would you advise to use radius targeting?
  A)  Luis, whose e-commerce business delivers nationwide
  B)  Denise, whose service can reach customers within 30 miles
  C)  Christopher, who wants to promote his new product in select cities
  D)  Mabel, who wants to exclude her ads from certain cities

118)  What does “converted clicks” measure?
  A)  The total number of clicks within your chosen conversion window
  B)  The total number of conversions divided by the total number of clicks
  C)  The total number of clicks that led to a conversion
  D)  The percentage of clicks that led to a conversion

119)  Mimi wants to reach people searching for baked goods, but only wants her ads to show during the hours she’s open for business. Which campaign type is a good fit?
  A)  “Display Network only – All features”
  B)  “Search Network with Display Select – All features”
  C)  “Display Network only – Remarketing”
  D)  “Search Network only – All features”

120)  Your ad can show to a user when your targeted language matches:
  A)  a user’s browser setting
  B)  a user’s Google interface language setting
  C)  the language of websites a user visits most often
  D)  a user’s operating system language

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