Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam – 18

171)  Your client gets more conversions from ads that appear to people in Tokyo. What actions should you take to try and increase the number of conversions for this client?
  A)  Use a location bid adjustment to increase bids for customers in Tokyo
  B)  Create a separate ad group to target ads and bids for Tokyo
  C)  Use the user location view to understand if people who click your ads are located in Tokyo
  D)  Refine where your ads show by adding the keyword “Tokyo”

172)  Which bidding strategy should Sara use if her goal is to get more people to call her local catering business?
  A)  Cost-per-view (CPV)
  B)  Cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM)
  C)  Cost-per-click (CPC)
  D)  Cost-per-acquisition (CPA)

173)  Your client wants to show ads to people who’ve visited her website before. Which Adwords feature would you recommend she use?
  A)  Dynamic Search Ads
  B)  Ecommerce tracking
  C)  Remarketing
  D)  Conversion tracking

174)  Blake is focused on branding and is more interested in his ads being viewed than in generating clicks. Which of these features would not be a good fit for him?
  A)  Reach and frequency data
  B)  Cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) bidding
  C)  Call extensions
  D)  Placement targeting

175)  What’s a reason to use the “Search Network with Display Select” campaign type?
  A)  Your ads only show on the first page search results
  B)  You can pick the exact websites where you want your ad to show
  C)  You can use one budget to advertise on the Search Network and Display Network
  D)  Your video ads can run on the Search Network

176)  Tony travels frequently. He needs to be able to make changes to his AdWords account while he’s offline, so he downloads AdWords Editor. Using AdWords Editor, Tony can do all of the following except:
  A)  Undo and redo multiple changes while editing his campaigns
  B)  Refresh data to reflect the lastest statistics on his cost-per-click (CPC) campaign
  C)  Mange, edit, and view multiple accounts at the same time
  D)  Copy or move items between ad groups and campaigns

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177)  When people search for your client’s watch repair business, they use very specific terms like “vintage watch repairs”. To show your ads for these searches, you’ll want to use:
  A)  Negative match keywords
  B)  Broad match keywords
  C)  Exact match keywords
  D)  Phrase match keywords

178)  One of your clients wants to know why a campaign went over the specified daily budget several days in a row. What would you explain to your client about how the AdWords system works?
  A)  AdWords automatically increases the maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bid to show an ad higher in Google search results
  B)  Due to changes in traffic, AdWords allows up to 20% more impressions in a day than the budget specifies
  C)  To show an ad more often, AdWords charges more than the average daily budget amount multipled by 30.4
  D)  Due to changes in traffic, AdWords allows up to 20% more clicks in a day than the budget specifies. However, in any given month, AdWords never charges more than the average daily budget amount multip

179)  You want to generate leads with your AdWords campaign by encouraging people to fill out an interest form on your website. What do you need to know to measure return on investment (ROI) for this campaign?
  A)  How much you’ve spent on the campaign compared to the value of leads generated
  B)  You can’t calculate return on investment for campaigns that are focused on online leads
  C)  The percentage of budget spent compared to how many forms were completed
  D)  The number of clicks your ad received divided by the number of times it showed

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180)  Which is a benefit of advertising online?
  A)  Reach people who are likely interested in what you’re advertising
  B)  Automatically collect information about potential customers
  C)  Increase your position in organic search results
  D)  Make money by showing ads on your website

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