Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam – 3

21)  Adding placements to an ad group
  A)  negatively affects the Quality Score for search
  B)  does not affect the Quality Score for search
  C)  improves the Quality Score on Google
  D)  improves the Quality Score for search

22)  In the case of a placement targeted ad on the Google Display Network, the Quality Score portion of calculating Ad Rank is based on:
  A)  the quality of your image
  B)  the quality of your landing page
  C)  the maximum CPC of the keyword that triggered an ad.
  D)  your daily budget

23)  By adding managed placements to a Display Network campaign – you can show your ad:
  A)  on webpages where the Smart Pricing feature determines there the ad is likely delivery ROI.
  B)  on specific webpages, online video games, RSS feeds, and mobile sites and apps that you select
  C)  on webpages where a contextual targeting algorithm identified that is a match between your keywords and a publishers content
  D)  on Google owned and operated properties such as Gmail and Google News – that have relevant content for your keywords.

24)  A My Client Center (MCC) account manager wants to grant Standard Access to a linked client. Before making this change, the account manager should consider that Standard Access users can:
  A)  change the access levels of other users.
  B)  delete the account
  C)  invite others to access the account.
  D)  see average cost-per-click (CPC) costs.

25)  What happens when an advertiser sets a daily budget lower than the recommended amount, using the “Standard” delivery method?
  A)  Ads will show when a user searches on the advertisers keywords, but the ads rank will be reduced.
  B)  Ads will show each time a user searches on the advertisers keywords, but only during specified time periods
  C)  Ads will not show every time a user searches on the advertisers keywords
  D)  Ads will never show when a user searches on the advertisers keywords

26)  The maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bid is the:
  A)  amount an advertiser is required to pay to achieve top ad position
  B)  actual amount an advertiser pays for each click on an ad
  C)  most an advertiser is willing to pay for each click on an ad
  D)  amount an advertiser must pay to outbid competitors

27)  If an advertiser improves the Quality Score of a keyword, this keyword may:
  A)  receive fewer impressions on the Search Network
  B)  automatically reset its match type to Broad
  C)  earn the ad a higher average position
  D)  be more likely to appear in bold when displayed in an ad

28)  You can use Display Planner to:
  A)  see which images and text ads within your campaign are performing best on the specific websites you are targeting
  B)  run a report to determine which keywords are most likely to convert based on the past 30-days of your campaign
  C)  see potential webpages where your ad can appear based on your keywords
  D)  managed CPC bids for contextual campaigns within your account

29)  When sitelinks are set at both the campaign and ad group level, which will be displayed?
  A)  Sitelinks at the ad group level
  B)  Sitelinks with the highest ad rank
  C)  Sitelinks related to the query searched
  D)  Sitelinks from both the campaign and ad group

30)  Which formula represents how Ad Rank is determined on Google search?
  A)  Popularity of the website being advertised
  B)  Historic average position of each ad
  C)  Maximum cost-per-click (CPC) multiplied by Quality Score
  D)  How much an advertiser is willing to spend each day


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