Hootsuite Professional Certification

1)  When adding a social network to Hootsuite, you will always have to set up a new tab for it in your dashboard.
  A)  TRUE

2)  Streams are best described as:
  A)  The different columns of social media content that you place in your tabs
  B)  A body of water with a current, confined within stream banks
  C)  A tool to monitor analytics
  D)  A type of social network

3)  If you think of your dashboard as a filing cabinet, then each tab would be a file folder.
  A)  TRUE

4)  When creating teams in Hootsuite Organizations, you can structure the teams in your organization:
  A)  By departments such as: sales, marketing and customer service
  B)   By business units such as: TV, radio and print
  C)   By geographic regions such as: North America, Europe and Asia
  D)  All of the above

5)  How do you send out a message from multiple accounts?
  A)  Check your desired social networks at the top of your dashboard
  B)  Insert your desired social networks at the beginning of your message
  C)  Insert your desired social networks at the end of your message
  D)  Drag your profile picture or”avatar” into the message box

6)  You can reply to your audience on Facebook and LinkedIn Pages through the Hootsuite dashboard simply by clicking on’comments’ in your streams to add a comment.
  A)  TRUE

7)  What is the correct way of sending a Direct Message?
  A)  d username
  B)  @username
  C)  dm
  D)  A or C

8)  What’s the difference between keyword tracking streams and search streams?
  A)  Keyword automatically inputs the”OR” between multiple terms, while search allows you to add advanced Twitter search queries
  B)  Search automatically inputs the”OR” between terms, while keyword allows you to add advanced Twitter search queries
  C)  Search can be saved into a stream but keyword tracking cannot be saved into a stream
  D)  None of the above

9)  You can add advanced streams for Twitter such as’Favorites’ and’Scheduled Tweets’ in Hootsuite.
  A)  TRUE

10)  When you assign a message to a team member in Hootsuite, you’re able to:
  A)  Select the team and specific member
  B)  Add a note or an instruction
  C)  Add an image
  D)  A & B

11)  When you click the’assignments’ option in the launch bar to track messages that have been assigned, you can:
  A)  View the assignment messages and the team they were assigned to
  B)  See the social networks, the messages that have been assigned, and the name of person who assigned them
  C)   See the status of the message, date, and if it’s been resolved
  D)  All of the above

12)  If a team member has already replied to a message, you’ll see a _____ colored bar on the message indicating who responded.
  A)  Yellow
  B)  Green
  C)  Blue
  D)  Red

13)  The draft messages feature allows team members and individuals to create:
  A)  A bank of scheduled tweets to be sent out at the same time
  B)  A bank of pre-approved messaging to respond to common questions
  C)  A list of Twitter users who frequently ask questions
  D)  All of the above

14)  You can add collaborators to Hootsuite Conversations by:
  A)  Adding them individually from your dashboard
  B)  Import contacts from Gmail
  C)  A & B
  D)  None of the above

15)  When you use the Hootlet feature, it automatically pre-shortens a web page URL and adds the title in your message.
  A)  TRUE

16)  What does searching for’sentiment’ within your search streams mean?
  A)  Searching for messages with exclamation marks
  B)  Searching for messages with profanity
  C)  Searching for messages associated with positive or negative attitude
  D)  All of the above

17)  Using advanced search tactics when setting up search streams in Hootsuite can help you:
  A)  Filter out excess information from your followers
  B)  Catch leads and follow up with customers you may have missed
  C)  Address customer service issues quicker
  D)  All of the above

18)  What is Klout?
  A)  A URL shortener
  B)  A mobile app
  C)  A measure of social influence
  D)  A way to track your tweets

19)  Many regulated industries such as _______ are required to keep records of all their online communications for compliance purposes.
  A)  Finance
  B)  Government
  C)  Healthcare
  D)  All of the above

20)  When you share your current location after entering a search term, Hootsuite will:
  A)  Drop a pin where you are and scan the IP addresses with a 25 km radius of conversations pertaining to your search
  B)  Locate your address from your online profiles and then retrieve the conversations associated with them
  C)  A & B
  D)  None of the above

21)  When adding an app to your dashboard from the app directory, you can create multiple streams for the same app.
  A)  TRUE

22)  A good way for marketing teams to utilize tabs for monitoring is set up separate tabs to monitor different campaigns they are running.
  A)  TRUE

23)  Once your drafted messages are uploaded to the bulk scheduler, the link URL’s in your messages will be shrunk into trackable _____ links.
  A)  ht.ly
  B)  bit.ly
  C)  ow.ly
  D)  t.co

24)  Filtering a geo-search stream pertaining to the area local to you by Klout score can allow you to:
  A)  See all the conversations mentioned by individuals with preferred Klout score
  B)  Determine who amongst your local followers are more influential than others
  C)  A & B
  D)  None of the above

25)  You can post everything below via the bulk scheduler except:
  A)  Tweets
  B)  Tweets with a link
  C)  Facebook posts
  D)  Facebook posts with an image

26)  When setting up your organization in Hootsuite, it’s recommended that you have ____ if your organization has more than 5 people in it:
  A)  1 super admin
  B)  1 admin
  C)  More than 1 super admin
  D)  None of the above

27)  Which permissions level within Hootsuite Organizations require approval to send a tweet?
  A)  Default
  B)  Limited
  C)  A & B
  D)  No permission level requires approval to send a tweet

28)  Admins in an Organization have the ability to:
  A)  Add and remove team members and social networks
  B)  Create or merge teams
  C)  A & B
  D)  None of the above

29)  A recommended best practice when publishing content for a marketing campaign across multiple social networks is:
  A)  Craft one message and send it out to all of your social networks at the same time
  B)  Craft individual messages for each different social network and schedule them for optimal times
  C)  Craft one message and send it out on every social network once per hour
  D)  None of the above

30)  When creating reports, the Compare Keywords metric can be helpful when testing out which keyword is more effective during a campaign.
  A)  TRUE

31)  A good way to monitor blog posts or links sent out for marketing campaigns is to set up individual search streams with the specific URLs’ of your blog posts.
  A)  TRUE

32)  When creating a report, the Twitter profile stats modules can help you measure a number of things including:
  A)  How many times your brand’s Twitter handle is mentioned in a month
  B)  Which one of your campaign keywords is more effective
  C)  The growth of your Twitter followers per month
  D)  All of the above

33)  When creating a report, the’owly summary stats’ module will show you the details of your most-clicked links, including the date and the actual message.
  A)  TRUE

34)  The Hootsuite dashboard allows you to:
  A)  Add multiple social networks so you can easily send one message to all of your profiles at once
  B)  Manage all of your online conversations from one place, instead of having to visit different websites
  C)  Save time and streamline your team workflow
  D)  All of the above

35)  When creating a report, the’Snapshots’ module will give you a high level view of your Facebook page activity including:
  A)  Total likes
  B)  Talking about you
  C)  Weekly total reach
  D)  All of the above

36)  How do you set a default profile to send your messages from?
  A)  By pinning it
  B)  By pressing the’default’ button
  C)  By dragging and dropping the profile into the message box
  D)  None of the above

37)  What is the maximum size of an image you can attach to your social message?
  A)  5mb
  B)  12mb
  C)  25mb
  D)  3mb

38)  You can monitor up to ___ keywords per stream:
  A)  7
  B)  3
  C)  9
  D)  2

39)  Hootsuite Mobile search function lets you filter tweets by:
  A)  geographical location
  B)  trending topics
  C)  keywords and hashtags
  D)  all of the above

40)  When setting custom URL parameters, the utm_source is the______ where you are publishing the link.
  A)  IP address
  B)  Social Network
  C)  Campaign
  D)  None of the above

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